Alsek river transport services.

We provide service transporting your rafting group and gear from the Upper takeout to the Dry Bay runway. We also offer day trips to the Ocean beach and fishing trips on the East river. If you have a group that is taking out on the Alsek contact us for availability.

We understand there are many moving parts when doing the Tatshenshini/Alsek river raft trip. We would like to help make this part of planning your trip one of the easiest ones. We have gathered some information for you that we feel may be helpful when needing our transport services.


Prices for the 2019 season

Transport from the Upper Takeout to the Dry Bay rafter campground and Runway

$350 USD for 3 rafts and $75 USD per additional raft.

Beach buggy trip down to the beach and back

$40 USD per person

Eco tour of the Dry Bay Area

$60 USD per person

  • Contact us VIA email or phone.

  • Arrange an exact time you will be broken down and ready to transport.

  • Please note that the time we schedule to transport you will be relevant on when you are departing Dry Bay. If you are departing the same day or the following day that will change the time we will need you to be broken down and ready to transport.

  • If you do overnight in Dry Bay we do offer trips out to the beach. Beach trips are a great way to end the trip If the weather is nice.

  • We would advise you to have a way to communicate while you are on the raft trip. Common communication devices are the Garmin Inreach that you can use to text or send emails or a satellite phone.

  • It Is very helpful for us to hear from you the day before you have a transport scheduled with us. That way we know you are on schedule.

  • In the event that you are not on schedule we will have to work together to let your pilot know you will not be on time.

  • We will do our best to be in contact with pilots in regards to weather conditions in Dry Bay.

The Upper takeout coordinates are below